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Diagram of a Pull/Merge Request Flow #
Concurrency Flow
Concurrency Flow # mermaid.initialize({ "flowchart": { "useMaxWidth":true }, "theme": "default" } ) graph TD A1[Controller] -- B1(Validate & Process Event) B1 -- C1{Is concurrency defined?} C1 --|Not Defined| D1[Create PipelineRun with state='started'] C1 --|Defined| E1[Create PipelineRun with pending status and state='queued'] Z[Pipelines-as-Code] A[Watcher] -- B(PipelineRun Reconciler) B -- C{Check state} C -- |completed| F(Return, nothing to do!) C -- |queued| D(Create Queue for Repository) C -- |started| E{Is PipelineRun Done?
Calendar September 13, 2023
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