Concurrency Flow

Concurrency Flow #

graph TD A1[Controller] --> B1(Validate & Process Event) B1 --> C1{Is concurrency defined?} C1 -->|Not Defined| D1[Create PipelineRun with state='started'] C1 -->|Defined| E1[Create PipelineRun with pending status and state='queued'] Z[Pipelines-as-Code] A[Watcher] --> B(PipelineRun Reconciler) B --> C{Check state} C --> |completed| F(Return, nothing to do!) C --> |queued| D(Create Queue for Repository) C --> |started| E{Is PipelineRun Done?} D --> O(Add PipelineRun in the queue) O --> P{If PipelineRuns running < concurrency_limit} P --> |Yes| Q(Start the top most PipelineRun in the Queue) Q --> P P --> |No| R[Return and wait for your turn] E --> |Yes| G(Report Status to provider) E --> |No| H(Requeue Request) H --> B G --> I(Update status in Repository) I --> J(Update state to 'completed') J --> K{Check if concurrency was defined?} K --> |Yes| L(Remove PipelineRun from Queue) L --> M(Start the next PipelineRun from Queue) M --> N[Done!] K --> |No| N

Calendar July 5, 2024
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