Custom certificates

Custom certificates #

If you need to configure Pipelines-as-Code with a Git repository that requires a privately signed or custom certificate to access, then you will need to expose the certificate to Pipelines-as-Code.

OpenShift #

If you have installed Pipelines-as-Code through the OpenShift Pipelines operator, then you will need to add your custom certificate to the cluster via the Proxy object. The operator will expose the certificate in all OpenShift Pipelines components and workloads, including Pipelines-as-Code.

Kubernetes #

Create a ConfigMap containing the certificate #

kubectl -n pipelines-as-code create configmap git-repo-cert --from-file=git.crt=<path to ca.crt>

Mount the ConfigMap in the pods #

Follow this guide to mount the ConfigMap in the pipelines-as-code-controller and pipelines-as-code-watcher Deployments in the cluster in the pipelines-as-code namespace.

Include mountPath in SSL_CERT_DIR #

Say, you mounted the ConfigMap with the mountPath as /pac-custom-certs. To include this directory in the paths where the certificates are looked up, set the environment variable SSL_CERT_DIR in the relevant Pipelines-as-Code Deployments.

kubectl set env deployment pipelines-as-code-controller pipelines-as-code-watcher -n pipelines-as-code SSL_CERT_DIR=/pac-custom-certs:/etc/ssl/certs:/etc/pki/tls/certs:/system/etc/security/cacerts

Pipelines-as-Code should now be able to access the repository using the custom certificate.

Calendar June 10, 2024
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