PipelineRuns Cleanup

PipelineRuns Cleanups #

There can be many PipelineRuns into a user namespace and Pipelines-as-Code has the ability to only keep a certain amount of PipelineRuns and cleaning the old ones.

When your PipelineRun has this annotation :

pipelinesascode.tekton.dev/max-keep-runs: "maxNumber"

Pipelines-as-Code sees this and will start cleaning up right after one of the PipelineRun finishes to a successful execution keeping only the last maxNumber of PipelineRuns.

It will skip the Running or Pending PipelineRuns but will not skip the PipelineRuns with Unknown status.

The setting can be as well configured globally for a cluster via the Pipelines-as-Code ConfigMap
Calendar June 10, 2024
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