Global Repository settings
Global repository settings is a Technology Preview feature only. Technology Preview features are not currently supported and might not be functionally complete. We do not recommend using them in production. These features provide early access to an upcoming Pipelines-as-Code features, enabling you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.

Pipelines-as-Code global repository settings #

Pipelines-as-Code let you have a global repository for all your Repo settings. This allows you to define settings that will be applied to all repositories on your cluster.

The global repository setting are set as a fallback for all repositories, if the local repository on the namespace don’t override it.

The global repository have to be created in the namespace where the pipelines-as-code controller is installed (usually pipelines-as-code or openshift-pipelines).

The global repository CR should not have a spec.url defined.

By default the repository needs to be named pipelines-as-code but you can redefine it by defining the environment variable PAC_CONTROLLER_GLOBAL_REPOSITORY on the controller Deployment.

The settings that can be defined in the global repository are:

Note that the custom parameters and the incoming rules don’t get merged with the namespace repository settings, they are only used if none is defined in the namespace.

global settings only gets applied at “runtime”, they are not used by the tkn pac create repo command.

Example of how the global repository settings are applied #

  • if you have a Repository CR in the user namespace
kind: Repository
  name: repo
  namespace: user-namespace
  url: ""
  concurrency_limit: 2
    type: gitlab
  • and a have a global Repository CR on the controller namespace:
kind: Repository
  name: pipelines-as-code
  namespace: pipelines-as-code
  concurrency_limit: 1
    - name: custom
      value: "value"

    type: gitlab
      name: "gitlab-token"
      name: gitlba-webhook-secret

On this example the Repository repo will have a concurrency limit of 2 since the setting comes from the user namespace and ignored from the global repository. The parameter custom will be set to value and ready to be used to every repository that don’t define any other custom parameters.

Since the local repository CR has the git_provider.type gitlab like the global repository CR the git provider settings for the GitLab will be taken from the global repository. The secret referenced will be fetched from where the global repository is defined.

Types when git provider settings gets applied #

These are the types you can setup for the git provider settings. Those are only used when doing incoming webhooks or global repository settings. They are only used for webhook based git providers (i.e: everything except GitHub Apps installation), in this case the type github means repository configured using github webhooks:

  • github
  • gitlab
  • gitea
  • bitbucket-cloud
  • bitbucket-server

The global repository settings for git provider can currently only reference one type of provider on a cluster. The user would need to specify their own provider info in their own Repository CR if they don’t want to use the global settings or want to target another repository.

Calendar May 6, 2024
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